Ohio MC Shawn Reyez releases his first single on KillJoyRadioXM

21 year old Cleveland, Ohio MC Shawn Reyez known for his lyrical content and versatile flow, releases his first single produced by Trap Mafia.

Artist Name: Shawn Reyez

Genre of Music: Hip-Hop

Soundcloud- https://soundcloud.com/shawnreyezmusic/shawn-reyez-catch-the-fade-prod-by-trap-mafia

What inspires you to do music?

I make music to help those dealing with real things in everyday life. I try to make the day easier for them and let them know in a sense that they're not alone.

Why should people listen to your music versus anyone else? What makes you unique

I encourage people to listen to my music over most music that's out here because I give you both sides of reality. A lot of us are out here struggling from different situations and I give you that but there's also times when you want to say fuck the problems and get your mind away from them for a while and I provide that type of music as well.

What is your biggest accomplishment with music?

My biggest accomplishment so far was being chosen to go on a Ohio tour and actually get paid each night. Also another big one for me was being nominated for 4 awards (Best New Artist, Lyricist of The Year, Best Live Performer, Moving Forward Award) at the Ohio Hip Hop Awards this year.

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