Taiwo Live on KillJoyRadioXM 8:30pm CST

Everyday someone makes a decision to do something different to enhance the quality of their life. Some people even travel the world to find what they are looking for and other run to what they have always ran away from. Hip Hop continues to birth new talent, yet none like Tai Wo.

With an Ultra-dynamic personality, drawing comparisons to iconic influences Will Smith, Tupac Shakur, and J.Cole. Tai Wo continues to remain innovative every quarter. From ghostwriting to producing, he displays an array of techniques for how he commands your attention.

Most Known for Single “Just Breathe.” His current rotating LP Se Dada, shows how far Tai Wo is willing to push songwriting and production. With it’s jazzy snaps and melodies, it is almost like you will hear and taste fresh air. Ooo La La, the way Tai Wo arranges the lyrics show how he will even break language barriers to get the message out.

Tune in tonight at 8:30pm to hear Live Interview with Taiwo

Available for purchase on iTunes, Tidal, Apple Music, and many more.

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