KillJoyRadioXM Debuts "Your Love" by Julius Adams

Julius Adams is music and music is Julius Adams. From a young age, Julius loved everything about music--from composing songs, singing, and playing instruments. Julius's self titled debut album, to be released in 2017, will give the listeners a first hand look into the life of Julius Adams' and allow you to know who he really is. Inspired by his mom, his first single,

"Because of You," was released May 2016. It describes that special someone who has pushed, encouraged, and believed in him. His second single, titled "Your Love" was released September 2016 and chronicles finding a woman who has captured your heart and loves you unconditionally.

When Julius writes his songs, his vision is to encourage and uplift all listening ears. He wants his fanbase to know what love really is and to know God's love. His songs are meant to make listeners feel good, have fun and really just be themselves. Look for more incredible tracks from Julius as he continues to grow in music.

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