Music consumers faced with the absence of variety, innovation, and substance !

With such a large influx of unskilled artist, with aspirations of domination, flooding the radio stations with relentless spins of the same song, we as consumers are faced with the absence of variety, innovation, and substance. Don’t get me wrong I respect each artist for who they are as a person however their music must face a harder criticism. On an episode of the “The Daily Show with Trevor Noah”, “The King” TI spoke so eloquently, as he so often does, when asked why our music only seems to perpetuate the cycle of endless violence that plagues the Black Community. What he said and I am of course paraphrasing is we write about what we see. However for those who would blame the entire plight of Black men and women on Rap, Hip Hop, and even R&B would be a engaging in a completely misguided farce in order to distract you from what’s really going on but that’s for another post.

For now I will sift my focus to what today is representative to what I feel is the only culture Blacks, African Americans, Afro-American or what every kind a of American Negro they are have. In my opinion nowadays music is laced with a concentration of Coonery, misogyny, and sheer stupidity. You will have to forgive my frustration with RAP, Hip Hop and even R&B as we know it today, I am one of millions who loves music, for its motivational motives, moving moments and mood altering melodies. Good music can rock you to your core; send you through every emotion in a chorus. I believe that music has a purpose if nothing else but to move people. It should speak to the site of struggle and protest. If you hold that the true definition of Hip Hop is an acronym for Higher Internal Power-Helping Our People why are so many lyrics a hindrance to progress?

As each generation creates their own interpretation of Hip-Hop, Rap, and even R&B there will be room for criticism from their predecessors so to say that any music is bad is an insult to the art form in its entirety no two artist should be the same right? Then why are there so many carbon copies, why do we keep hearing the same music, same lyrics, same ignorance where much of substance discussed is that of substance abuse. If the acronym for RAP is Rhythm and Poetry when did poetry become so abusive to its listeners? But the bigger picture is why is it selling? Being packaged, marketed, and mass-produced for the masses.

The commodification of Rap, Hip Hop, and even R&B has been televised for a while now and I’m ready for a revolution. Isn’t time to change what we see and rewrite the narrative to encompass the whole story. Now more than ever I miss Pac and his ability to lead us in that revolution. Much respect to the artist independent, signed, fresh out the box or seasoned who see the bigger picture and not just a narrow alley full of sex, drugs, alcohol and money. Using music to not only speak to the site of struggle but insight riot and conscious change. If what we see is abandoned buildings turned trap houses, broken homes riddled with drug abuse and incarnation or barbed wire around our failing education system what will it take to hear better music?

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