Change The Tunage

We live in a cold world, evident by the fact of who are president-elect is, and though I cringe at the thought of the internet and social media’s influence on culture and the disconnect from human interaction that it creates, one advantage is it’s ability to send a subscriber anywhere in the world. With the rise of satellite and Internet radio and even social media platforms you can listen to anything from any artist, of any genre, of any era. Like so many I just have a radio and unfortunately there is no auxiliary port (archaic I know) so I have to listen to the radio. Yeah I could use my phone but I want the music coming out the speakers while I'm driving. I mean that can’t just be a Cali thing right? When I'm at home it's to the Internet www.killjoyradio.xm for my tunage and I can, and do listen to everyone from Aerospace to YG.

It was brought to my attention that in my last post, “Recycling Rhymes: pastiche or parody?” that I singled out Drake for recycling rhymes. It was not my intention to do so, perhaps because I didn’t include the names Meek Mills, Kanye or even JayZ as perpetrators of the same offense that it would appear I did and for that I apologize. The point however wasn't to single out anyone but I only chose Drake as an example because he is always being pushed down my throat by the major media outlets. All I hear from one station to the next are the same people. I would be so appreciative, as a music fanatic, if radio stations would play the original as an accompaniment to the later or latest version made. That way each new generation has the ability to challenge the ideal of who did it better cuz there are a lot of songs out where the original was better than the remake.

But you only hear what they want you to hear from artist that they want you to idolize. I’m conscious and perturbed by that fact that 3 or less entities control all of radio. And who’s hot is only hot because dominant culture says they should be (no slug directed at anyone). From what I see and hear from the music industry is only what they want me to see and hear. Like everything else mainstream music is commercialized and culture is commodified so what is so different about major labels or more directly major artist remaking a product, marketing it and selling it then keeping out other competitors. Both the artist and industry are about business now whether they should be is for another post.

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