Prime Suspects featuring Lil Wyte: “Going Down” – jaw-dropping beast mode stuff!

Prime Suspects and Lil Wyte combine with producer Swiss Frankie on “Going Down” to deliver a noteworthy track. Together they have some of the most distinctive voices ever to emerge from underground rap, there’s really no mistaking a Prime Suspects track. Well maybe noteworthy is a weak description. This is jaw-dropping beast mode stuff – a huge leap forward. Anyone who can write this off as being “more of the same” from either of these artists patently got the hold of the wrong track!

From the cinematic throb of the opening to the rumbling bass and ghostly orchestral wails, Prime Suspects and Lil Wyte stalks the soundscape. More sneering than ever, syllables clipped till the words are spat out like machine-gun bullets, Prime Suspects have found a new level of scariness.

An obvious stand-out is the collaboration with Lil Wyte, who calmly throws in his malevolent flow squeezed between the gruff psycho-threats from the Prime Suspects.

But it’s just the tip of the iceberg. Ray “Cold Cash” Alexander III, Mario “Skeez”

Burney and Blaine “Kid K-Zoo” Burnett’s energy, humorous wordplay and bravado are an indisputable recipe for success. It shouldn’t be difficult for any of us to understand how the group has managed to continuously breathe life into each new release.

For all the charismatic chemistry that the rappers display, Swiss Frankie’s production on “Going Down” also makes a case for its continuing musical importance. Prime Suspectsare a hard-ass credible rap group who market themselves tirelessly. And compared to just about any other rap group , they are hard, in-your-face motherfuckers.

I could go into a lengthy explanation about the grit and sweat-soaked beat, the hardened lyrics full of spit and venom, but really you need to check Prime Suspectsand Lil Wyte out for yourself. Lyrically, they always deliver, but the energy, style and charisma on display here is epic.

The creativity of this dynamic group once again is displayed in this instant classic. In the current “dark age” of Hip-hop music where every so called artist is caught in the Trap, this track is a welcome change – a return to the sound, the vibe and the energy that originally made Rap and Hip-hop so interesting and exciting.

If you consider yourself a fan of hip-hop and haven’t heard the Prime Suspects and Lil Wyte, gtfo. If on the other hand you consider yourself a fan of either the Prime Suspects or Lil Wyte and haven’t heard “Going Down”, gtfo!

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