CVSS – Selfish Ways (Featured Hamilton Album)

CVSS is also known as Chase Money and has been representing the 905 his whole life. When it comes to putting on for the city, nobody does it like CVSS. He releases a new album called “Selfish Ways” which is released exclusively on If you’re from the local scene, you’ll know he’s a talented artist, producer and engineer. He’s been on his grind before everyone started becoming a rapper. The opening track “Love Me” is a street banger and starts off the album just right. From the second track to the last, almost every track is fire and you can basically let the album play from the beginning to the end. Not only can he drop a hot verse, but he can also sing a pretty catchy hook on a couple of the tracks. You can show him support by purchasing the album on iTunes or Google Play.

Be sure to follow him on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and SoundCloud. Check out “Selfish Ways” below.

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