Jennifer Lopez Confirms What We've All Been Wondering About Her And Drake

We've all seen that cuddly shot of Jennifer Lopez and Drake, but there has been little to no details about their actual professional team-up until now. On Wednesday (January 18), the pop star spoke to Renee Bargh from "Extra" following the TCA panel about the second season of her hit NBC show, "Shades of Blue," as well as the buzz surrounding the all-star pair and it sounds like we're in store for something more than just gossip fodder. Despite playing coy about the hot topic, Jenny Lo confirmed that she and the hip-hop titan are working on new music together. "We did one song together. I don't know if we will do more. We will see!" she told the the outlet. Later on, Lopez spoke to "Entertainment Tonight" and admitted that he asked her to do a song and "that's what [they've] been doing." "We'll see if it's on his next album," she added.

As for "Shades of Blue," it sounds like things are only going to get more physical for her character Harlee Santos. "It can get intense," she explained. "I mean, the scenes that I do towards the end of the season were really, really rough. Lots of fighting and things like that. I'm not afraid. I know everything we do is safe, but when you're acting and you're really in it, you get hurt sometimes."

"Shades of Blue" premieres on March 5 at 10/9c on NBC.

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