Sunshine & Nadiva - Again (Official Music Video)

Two-degree weather beckons thoughts of Sunshine Wuk Ups! It demands that you lap in reminiscent yesterdays that you just want to relive AGAIN, and AGAIN... Remember that special moment you wish you could have AGAIN? That ravenous heat in the pit of you, the hunger to have it AGAIN? Life is about creating treasured moments, and quite often we would love to relive them! We may not get the identical experience again, but we definitely have the ability to create new gems that keep us warm with desire AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN! This music video encapsulates some of Sunshine & Nadiva's special moments during St Lucia Carnival 2016! These moments may be gone but these fun loving sisters hope to create an abundance of incredibly special moments for 2017! So..wheeeeeeel and come AGAIN selecta! Enjoy this video

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