Houston Native Jamie Hancock Drops "Hennything"

Emerging Houston musician, Jamie Hancock, has seemed to find himself inside his vices. With a redesigned approach to his music and life. Jamie has successfully passed over 100k plays on two tracks previously released under Svn, "All My Life" and "9000 Bissonnet". He has also been featured on HotNewHipHop, Dj Booth, DailyLoud and a few other popular hip-hop blogs. Now he is preparing for the release of his demo "Sincerely, Me" coming this fall. But today's offering is his first official single "Hennything".

Produced by Anthem, "Hennything", is a very infectious song with clever word play over production that is simply put, hypnotizing. Jamie dives into his personal life throughout the song. Painting his story of everything from homelessness to believing he will be the next to make it out of Houston no matter what. To dull that pain he would find comfort in the popular alcoholic drink "Hennesy". With the alcohol giving him the power to push through, seemingly making "Hennything possible".

"This song is the anthem for anyone that has seen the bottom but refuse to give up, even if it means pushing yourself to limits you're not used to. I wrote the song at a point in my life where I felt lost. The lyrics and concept came from my truth. I was willing to trade health for success, the vice made me believe anything I wanted could come true. We just needed each other to see it happen." - Jamie Hancock

"Hennything" - https://soundcloud.com/jamiexhancock/hennything

Produced By: Anthem (@audioanthem)

Apple Music/Spotify: http://smarturl.it/Hennything

Twitter: @jamiexhancock Instagram: @jamiexhancock Facebook: @jamiexhancock


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