Amita is an LA based artist with a passion for dark pop, new wave and soul.

This new young artist combines stunning melodies and lush harmonies with infectious grooves to create a catchy, yet textural and edgy sound. Amita’s music has been compared to Ellie Goulding, The Weeknd, and Banks, though most listeners comment that her unique sound truly stands out in the world of dark pop & alternative R&B.

Amita has been performing and writing music for years, but after connecting with her East Indian roots and further developing her vibey sound, she is currently rebranding herself to kickstart a new artistic adventure. Although her style of songwriting has changed over the years, Amita still has the same white acoustic guitar that she first started writing with.

“I started recording little demos on my laptop in GarageBand when I was 12. I would use my laptop mic to track guitar and vocals, then I’d put all sorts of effects on it and stick a cool drum loop underneath. I loved the different sound worlds I could create just by messing around on my computer.”

Amita’s flair for songwriting has definitely not gone unnoticed. Her music video (to be released 10/30/2017) and debut single “Tricks” is quickly generating quite a powerful buzz. She is currently in the studio crafting more music and expects to release her EP, titled “The High Priestess,” in early 2018.

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Instagram: @amitamusic


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