The Royce Twins are Emerging Singer-Songwriters

The Royce Twins are Emerging Singer-Songwriters - Gabriel and Michael Saalfield. These Twin brothers grew up in the alpine highlands of northern Victoria in a small country town called 'Mount Beauty' in Australia. 'Picture Perfect' is the first track of their brand new EP just released called "4 Years" where the Twins break new ground with 5 new original tracks written and performed by them. Gabriel and Michael both play and sing on the EP. Checkout their website for full credits.

"4 Years" show cases the Twins evolution of the song writing, moving from acoustic singer-songwriters to an EP that ramps up the pace like never before. Poetic and mature lyrics matched with catchy melodies, absolutely killer vocals and the Royce trademark harmonies, wicked solos, satisfying builds and drops and some serious high notes to boot. The Royce Twins are looking to make their own mark as singer-songwriters both within Australia and internationally.

Picture Perfect is about remembering someone from your past who you loved, and although you both have moved on you wish them well, even though you miss them being in your life. This is their first ever submission to Indie Shuffle and "4 Years" will make you want hear more from them if you're a lover of singer-songwriters, real musicianship and original alternative rock

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