Hailing from Gothenburg this Scandinavian is the best-kept-secret

Hailing from Gothenburg this Scandinavian best-kept-secret debut single, the youthful and emotional masterpiece "Like A Funeral”, has been gathering plays in the millions at Spotify. The song was also featured in the season finale of long running TV-show Vampire Diaries. Last year also saw his follow up single ”Autumn Falls”.

Eriks new single ”Those Words” have been crafted slowly, over a two year period.

Erik about ”Those Words”:

”I had a relationship with a person that thought that all feelings involved in love was just a construct by society that we are taught to feel. That love, jealousy or belonging were just something we are somehow tricked into feeling by our surroundings.

We didn’t want the same relationship but I was in love and agreed to something I really didn’t want or believed in.

The second verse of the song is written two years later. I think the person I was with had changed a bit, she had now expectations of me that I didn’t have for her. I understand her better today, but I still want to believe that there is truly genuine feelings that come from within.” - Erik Jonasson

”Those words” are the first new music from Erik Jonasson for over a year, he is working on new music and several new singles will surface over the coming months.

”This young singer is readying himself to truly conquer the world as not only does he showcase emotional and honest lyrics sang in a beautiful voice that caresses all who listen but he has ensure us that lighting does strike twice when it comes to him. Who know, maybe even three, four or more times with him?” - Wolf in a suit

Whatever flavor of the week this 3.45 croon shoots straigh to the heart – no smoke and mirrors.

Listen to song here: https://soundcloud.com/hybris/erik-jonasson-those-words/s-othtq

Connect with Erik here: www.facebook.com/erikjonassonmusic

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