Today, B00TY released Loosen Up, their first single and video since signing to Interscope Geffen Rec

B00TY is the newest addition to Geffen Records, which recently relaunched with Neil Jacobson as president. B00TY is the L.A. based electro-funk-soul duo of singers and producers Edan Freiberger and Adam Epelbaum. B00TY has been sparking up dancefloors at 1am in sold-out clubs around their adopted home of Los Angeles since they found each other at UCLA. Their live set of falsetto swagger, which is often accompanied by a band full of horns, drums, backup singers, electric violin, and endless keyboards, have made them a must-see band around the local scene of East Hollywood and Downtown LA. B00TY are the ideal visceral hedonistic party hang for anyone who wants to channel themselves back to the original vibe of 1970s primetime Sly And The Family Stone via the modern twist of electropop pioneers like Disclosure and Flume. As you can tell by the name, B00TY don't take themselves too seriously. They got their start opening for Reggie Watts in LA, and they channel a goofball carefree attitude, shared by their comedic heroes.

The Loosen Up video follows the band in a satyrical journey to stardom that begins with their “World Premiere” at a Laundromat in east LA, with the perfect amount of sexual laundry machine imagery. The video is directed by Ariel Fisher and Brandon Kapelow. The video stars Edan, Adam, and viral internet sensation, The People Walker. Loosen Up sounds like Daft Punk or Disclosure production with hooks reminiscent of singers like Bruno Mars, Anderson .Paak and Hall & Oats.

Edan and Adam both came from prolific artistic backgrounds; Edan via San Francisco's Bay Area following a childhood perfecting the violin, writing songs, and learning every instrument he could get his hands on, and Adam from Miami where he grew up obsessing over films, comedy and screenwriting. They met and started the project while studying theater, film and television at UCLA, where they also collaborated as actors, writers and directors.

Loosen Up is out now on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, VEVO and Youtube.

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