Noah Archangel Releases "Fly With The Hawk's" exclusively on KRXM

Houston Producer Noah Archangel is no stranger to the music industry. Most widely recognized for his recent release "BOHUP" Noah came in to the Hip Hop game performing at underground Drum n Bass shows under the name MC Grazzhopper.

On New Years Eve 2000, a friend brought over a playstation video game called Music Generator. After that night Grasshopper became Noah Archangel the producer, and began to collab with students and groups at Jackson State University in Mississippi.

After college he returned to Houston, got a job, inherited his Pop's record collection and started collecting beat machines to learn how the legends made records.

KRXM is proud to present his new 30 Min Mix "Fly With The Hawks" which features tracks from his massive playlist along with features from fellow label mates Band of The Hawk.

Tune in every Friday at 5pm or 9pm (CST) to hear Fly With The Hawk's on

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