Monsters and Miracles "The Silk Road" (feat. MRS)

Artist Name: Monsters and Miracles

Location: Jackson, Mississippi

Release Name: The Silk Road (feat. MRS)

Release Date: Sep 30, 2017

Label: independent

Producer: Jon Dray Lee (Self producing )

You can remove the man from music but never the music from the man. For Jon Dray Lee, creator of his new one man EDM passion project Monsters and Miracles his hiatus lasted nearly a decade. A decade of no other but medical school and residency training. Now in his final year this Family Medicine trained physician returns to his passion but this time to the unfamiliar genre of EDM and electronic pop. Most of his 20s were spent writing, recording, and touring for the band Absence of Concern and Creep Left during the peak of the mid 2000's active rock boom.

The concept for Monsters and Miracles was formed due to Lee's love for the the 1970's, and early 1980's horror and exploitation films. Most of these films were banned in the US and the UK later being called "Dirty Nastys" are now starting to make their way back to Blu ray market. The censorship of this fiction hardly compares to the uncensored real life horrors we all have access to on our mobile devices. The world is not the same place.

"The same person that might think my obsession with all these horror films is a bit strange is the same person that has no issues watching a kid getting knocked out at school on FB or taking part in the humiliation of others. I think I was just stick to fiction."

All though Lee is reluctant of some of the new technological advances in social media, he started to record musical ideas back in 2014. Now after writing over 300 songs he finally convinced himself to put out his first single entitled the Silk Road featuring the talented MRS.

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