Tyrone New Wave' in Australian Hip Hop debuts on KRXM

At this juncture, a considerable amount has been said of the 'New Wave' in Australian Hip Hop. But, for all that has been said thus far, there still remains a considerable amount of local artists still yet to strike it gold on the mainstream despite their talents.

One artist yet to receive his due mainstream attention is, without question, Sydney talent Tyrøne who, after some setbacks, has returned to lay his claim once more on the future success his talents promise that he will earn.

Of his own personal sound, Tyrøne continues, "I've always made trap music and 'southern hip hop'. My biggest idol is Ludacris, he made me want to rap. I'm half American and my dad lives in Texas so I have connections to that.”

Tune in today at 2pm (CST) to hear Never Wanna Die www.krxmradio.com

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