Boston Marathon Survivor featured in video for Dance Floor by PBSM

This pitch is a music video for the track 'Dance Floor' by Danish alt rock duo PBSM. The video features the dancer and Boston marathon survivor Adrianne Haslet as lead character and portrays her struggle to get back on the Dance Floor.

As one of the victims at the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings, Adrianne lost part of her left leg forcing her to abandon her career as a dancer - one might think. A dedicated medical team around her and an incredible determination means that she has been able to return to the dance floor and be an inspiration and ambassador for the lesser able. So when she was asked earlier this year to participate in the music video for Dance Floor she did not hesitate in leaving her home in Boston and coming to Copenhagen, Denmark.

Just as the story of Adrianne the song Dance Floor is about finding your happy place, to find joy in your abilities and how that connects more with your surroundings than striving perfection - it's the flaws that makes us unique and interesting rather than the superficial and predictable. Speaking of the song is an encouragement to find peace with who you are, stay true to that and act on impulses, curiosity and a naîveté instead of expectations.

The video was shot in an old dancing school in the suburbs just north of Copenhagen.

PBSM: …plays fast rock from the dark side of the 80'ies. It's a noisy and pop-punk'ish soundscape.

The core of the band consist of Lauritz Carlsen (Vox, guitars) and David Tholander (Bass, Drummachine) and PBSM shaped when the two childhood friends began a long distance songwriting relationship between Berlin and Copenhagen for a period of 1,5 year. During this time the Berlin crowd around the 8mm bar (incl. bands such as The Brian Jonestown Massacre, Spacemen 3, Kadavar, The December Sound, Blue Angel Lounge, Cavern of Anti Matter) and a love for psych and krautrock, formed the band and the songs from the start.

Now the band is working out of their studio in central Copenhagen where the songs are written and recorded. The music is predominantly up-tempo rock and draws inspiration from bands such as: BRMC, David Bowie, The Sound (UK) and Billy Idol.

Earlier this year the band has put out 2 singles and now the third single Dance Floor is out acoompanied by a music video. These songs lead up to the release of an EP -coming

November 17.

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