EDM should be "listenable" not just "danceable!"

G.H. Hat is a multi-genre producer, remixer, composer and performer. With 290 Classical releases under his belt, G.H. Hat decided to enter the EDM arena in 2016, and his first release "Primal", an instrumental trip-hop release, was on the Soundcloud Top 50 triphop charts for 14 straight weeks as well as his next trip-hop instrumental release "Joyogistic". His "Piano Jam (Ode to Kygo)" was the first of several songs to be picked up by one of Spotify's official Playlist and has remained on it for over a year now. With his own personal style of EDM, G.H. Hat breaks away from traditional forms of EDM or as one reviewer put it: "There's a misconception that EDM – electronic dance music – should be mindless. As long as it gets people moving on the dance floor, it works, right? Wrong. EDM, like any other music genre, is best approached in a compelling, artistic way. It shouldn't be a slog through trope-driven production. 'Primal' is an excellent example of a EDM production gone right. Its varied musical styles are actually compelling to dig into; you don't necessarily have to be on the dance floor to enjoy them."

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