Gnomons "No Love" amazingly awesome song.

No Love' is the debut track from power pop duo, Gnomons. This song is the perfect revenge anthem for your ex, denying past lovers of any semblance of sympathy; "I was loving it, but now I'm just hating for the hell of it." The track is expertly produced by the groups two members, Rex Riot and Basscamp, using perfected electronic soundscapes to support a stunning female vocal from pop artist Sydney Franklin and songwriting alongside prolific writer Dave Gutter (David Bowie,Susan Tedeschi, Pretty Lights, Griz, Gramatik, Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Aaron Neville, Derek Trucks, Eric Krasno, Res, Rustic Overtones).

This song is the first single off of their forthcoming debut EP, ‘The Radio People’, coming in early 2018. Known for their work individually, the two producers have spent the past two years shaping this collaborative project. This single release showcases Gnomons’ era-blending style, merging intimate, piano-driven verses with a satisfyingly bass-heavy drop-- bringing together each sonic element into one signature sound. Check out Gnomon's fiery debut, 'No Love.

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