Luke Buck Makes Music Your Ears Will Love

Luke Buck is a multi-instrumental singer/songwriter from the 'sticks' in northeastern Pennsylvania. “My mother loved Kenny G., I didn’t!” he recalls. Still, he learned saxophone in fourth grade, followed by guitar and piano, resulting in a life­long love of music and an unquenchable desire to learn every instrument he can get his hands on. Luke’s music is heavily influenced by ’90s alternative rock, primarily Counting Crows, Radiohead, and Weezer, with deep blues and classic­rock roots. His first EP, Dark Matter, released in Summer 2016, included catchy hooks, earworm melodies and the beautiful, memorable song “Jenny,” in which Luke passionately repeats “Fuck you, Jenny” over lush piano chords. Following the Dark Matter release, his band, Luke Buck and the Stops Here, recorded a live EP/video series called Live to Tape at Degraw Sound: the DARK MATTER Session. Luke's second studio EP All These Things, and his follow-up Live EP Live to Tape at Degraw Sound: the ALL THESE THINGS session were released at the end of Oct. 2017 and are available now in digital release everywhere.

He lives in Brooklyn with his two dogs, Maddie and Lola.

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