Mona debuts "Gold Baby" on KRXM RADIO

Gold Baby pictures the process of breaking up, the questions you ask and the emotional phases you go through. It's about the point in a relationship when realizing that you've reached a dead end and there's no way back to what once was. This is the single on my soon self-released EP "Au". MONA is a producer, singer and songwriter experimenting with playful and moody RnB. She has more or less made music her whole life, but it wasn't until a year ago when she decided to put her engineering studies on hold and move to Stockholm, to fully focus on writing and producing music. She teamed up with fellow producer Marcus to create music that they both love. Influenced by creators such as Kelela, BANKS, Jai Paul and Alina Baraz they've focused on building up an atmospheric and mesmerizing soundscape to get lost in. Let the soft harmonies wash over you and take you on an emotional rollercoaster.

Tune in today at 2pm CST to hear Gold Baby by MONA

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