Saint Genevieve expressive new song "Lies" now on KRXM Radio

In her latest single ‘Lies’, Saint Genevieve chronicles the search for light in darkness after the end of a toxic relationship. Inspired by great artists, both in paint and in music, Saint Genevieve’s music places all of her emotions on a melodic canvas, mixing dominating, awe-inspiring vocals, with the euphony of her production to gift listeners with an audible artwork.

This movement from light to darkness is represented by the contrast between haunting echoes reminiscent of James Blake, which formed part of Saint Genevieve’s vocals at the beginning of the song, and are matched by equally resonant guitar twangs creating an inescapable sense of anxiety, with the sentiment relief depicted by the sunset at the finale of Lies’ official video as the track reaches its orchestral crescendo and ends in a positive outcome.

Her vocals are reminiscent of London Grammar. Saint Genevieve’s musical style does not seek to imitate other artists. With a training that stretches from classical to jazz, Saint Genevieve mixes the finest of global music to create her own unique sound.

Tune in today at 2pm CST to hear Lies

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