Norwegian Singer/Songwriter Camilla North NOW On KRXM RADIO

On the 13th of October the Norwegian Singer/Songwriter Camilla North, and the Dutch producer LZRZ released their EDM song; “Still Alive”. Camilla North is a well-known artist from Bergen with a unique voice, which makes it not hard to understand that she is also being wanted by producers and Dj’s on their tracks. The busy lady is currently working on her debut EP that will be out next year. And next to this she’s also been toplining and co-written songs both for herself as a featuring artist, and for other known artists. LZRZ is an established composer/songwriter in the House scene as well as a respected producer for making commercial radio tracks for various artists and companies like Sony Music and Armada Music. Tune in today at 2pm CST to hear Still Alive

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