Introducing SI'YIR ROYALE , Singer/Songwriter/Rapper from Oklahoma City.

Artist Name: Si'yir Royale (pronounced sigh-year)

Location: Oklahoma City

Producer Name: Fyu-chur (pronounced future)

Brief Bio:

Introducing SI'YIR ROYALE (sigh-year), an award winning 23 year old Singer/Songwriter/Rapper from Oklahoma City. Teamed and signed with producer/executive FYU-CHUR (future), the multi-talented entertainer is rapidly on her way to stardom.

What sets Si'Yir Royale apart from others is her uncanning ability to sing and rap with the best of men along with her super-creative, seemingly second-nature skill as a songwriter. Currently, Si'Yir and FYU-CHUR are in the lab crafting a unique and creative sound that will impact music and comfortably cross between Rap, R&B & Pop genres at the highest level. SO GET READY!!

Tune in this Saturday at 12pm to hear new single

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