Laure Z surprises fans with a brand new single, “Girls Don’t Wait,”

Laure Z surprises fans with a brand new single, “Girls Don’t Wait,” the title track from her upcoming debut EP. Once again, her vocals seamlessly lead the jazzy production through a charming but sly love song. Singing, “I’ve been waiting for you to come, but it took you way too long,” Laure explains that she doesn’t have time to wait around for someone who can’t

reciprocate their feelings.

Laure Zaehringer, is a French performer-composer who is currently residing in Los Angeles. Starting her musical education at the age of 5 as a classical pianist, Laure switched her focus to jazz in middle school. During this time she started composing original works, and taking classical voice lessons. After high school, Laure decided to pursue music further, attending the American School of Modern Music in Paris,where she formed a jazz quartet known as "Laure Zaehringer's Quartet" which performed in jazz clubs around Paris and Strasbourg.

In 2011, Zaehringer enrolled in Berklee School of Music where she studied

arranging, songwriting, musical theater, Brazilian music, and jazz. Her exploration of various genres and styles has allowed her creative freedom to fuse her French music heritage, with western jazz music, as found in her upcoming EP. “Girls Don’t Wait” is the second single from her upcoming Girls Don’t Wait EP, which quickly follows her cheery love song, “I Will Follow You.” This adult contemporary offering speaks to her various love stories.

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