Wrong by Mawayy added to 24Hours Unplugged

What makes a great summer song? It should come on with the easy inevitability of an ocean breeze, but it also needs to be sufficiently energetic to move the crowd at a party. It needs to sound contemporary enough to capture the moment, but timeless enough to conjure memories of all the summers gone by. A great summer song is blissful, but also a little wistful -- it carries with it a hint of the chill of the autumn to come. It needs to sound great in all summertme contexts: the block party, the gym, the highway, and especially the beach.

MaWayy has delivered an ideal track to score the hot days

and hotter nights. Everything about "Wrong" -- the drum builds, the indelible chorus, the stuttering synthesizers that melt across the release like crayons in the sun, the syrupy, slowed-down vocal sample, and the yearning lead performance -- radiates the warmth of a seaside strand. "Wrong" is the sort of effortless track you'd expect to get from a longtime EDM hitmaker; amazingly, it's the MaWayy debut.

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