Cooli Booli is more than just an explosive funk/hip hop artist, he is an electrical machine of talen


He writes, produces, and performs with so much passion and energy, that one can only go on a magical journey with him on every record. CB is a true artist turning his struggles and adversities into pure master pieces. So buckle up and get ready for a ride!

Cooli Booli has evolved from former alias CB aka Country Boy, who has built an impressive resume over the years. He has worked with industry hard hitters like Ronnie King, Danny Saber, & DJ Scream just to name a few. Recently in early 2017 CB was also endorsed by Snoop Dogg on WestFestTV with Macshawn100. CB released his first Album, "No More Games" in 2013 and later went on to release hard hitting mixtapes such as, "Back to the Basix" "Soul Full" and "The Flood" in 2015 which gained him almost a million streams on SoundCloud and solidified his artistry/lyrical abilities. Now CB is looking to shift the culture and bridge race/age gaps with his new, fun sound and positive movement as Cooli Booli.

About Project: Cooli Booli's Debut EP, TNT is exactly that, TNT! It has a fun, big, explosive Funk, Pop sound fused with R&B and Hip Hop. This 4 track classic will capture everyone. Whether your 8 or 68, CB really pulls off a universal sound that's fun for all ages that one can't help but to get up and dance to. Cooli Booli really shows off is musical and production skills with his records Party People and The Money Song in which he produced/arranged in full. On the Party People record, CB teamed up with legendary musicians such as drummer Derek Organ, and bass player Charles Glenn from Ozone while recording in California. TNT is an innovative, fun project that bridges past and present music culture with all of the elements of a "Hit" record. If you have been looking for something new and exciting look no further, Cooli Booli is definitely a star in the making.

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