Bilda Boy is one of the hot new rising stars from the West Coast

Bilda Boy is one of the hot new rising stars from the west coast. Hailing from Los Angeles, California and representing South Central, Bilda Boy comes from a single parent home being raised by his father and had much influence from his older brother and many uncles. While he's an aspiring artist, Bilda Boy started off as a producer first. He explains

"My brother put me on Fruity Loops when I was 10 years old and I've been a producer ever since." Having a background as he attended Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, as a rising artist and producer he has improved his sound. At the end of the day the main reason he takes music so serious is for the fact that he can deliver quality music that brings people from all cultures together.

"Part Stoner" produced by CXDY which is now available on all digital outlets. The record is a single from his up and coming EP titled "Who I Am". The record will be released under his own label The Danger Zone Records.

Listen to Bilda Boy today from 2pm to 4pm on KRXM RADIO

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