Footwerk, an Indie-Pop band vocally led by 'friend-zoned' power couple Kyle and Melissa

Footwerk, an Indie-Pop band vocally led by 'friend-zoned' power couple Kyle and Melissa, employing the Indie grind formula, calling shows 'one night stands' and having 'no strings attached' relationships with fans have put the cult in pop culture!

Bang Bang Description:

"Bang Bang" the latest visual from Footwerk accompanies the release of the band's brand new 5-track short, the 'Retrograde EP'. Lead vocalist, Kyle breaks down traveling home from Burning Man. Stuck in the middle of nowhere, forced to hitch-hike, he found an unlikely savior in The Enchanting "Dreamer in a Bonneville" who set Kyle back on course by offering direction, encouragement and advice. Fresh for 2018, the "Don't Let'em Shoot You Down" anthem serves as the perfect soundtrack for the new year; sharing a lifetime's collection of good advice to make this uplifting, motivational tune catchy without coming off preachy or judgey.

Kyle employs all of the tools he's honed thru years of songwriting and touring: seamlessly blending singing, rapping and poetry over a guitar riff of his own making. Grammy nominated producer, Chris Wright of The Directors orchestrates a symphony of strings, organs and hard hitting drums & live bass. The Mansa Johnson directed visual stars Kazaxe dance-craze creator Azuka Bom in the leading role.

The "Retrograde EP" sonically moves the duo in a genre-bending direction, seeking cohesiveness blending a myriad of dynamic song-crafting throughout the space odyssey EP. The 5-track EP is accompanied by three action-packed visuals giving depth to the material and available for download on iTunes, streaming on Spotify, Apple Music, Tidal and all digital music outlets including Soundcloud. Limited edition signed hard copies and T-Shirt packages can be found at the band's website,

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