New York-based surreal rock band Wool Sucker drops new video on 24hrs Unplugged

Women walk on butterfly wings, potholes sprout mouths full of broken teeth, and devils dance at the crossroads –and if you don’t see them, maybe you’re just not looking hard enough. New York-based surreal rock band Wool Sucker brings these small, strange stories to uneasy life in tunes ranging from experimental grunge to classic Americana.

In their debut album, Plastic Wings (coming out January 2018), songwriters Alex Minier and Elizagrace Madrone send sidelong, unseen creatures pulled out of everything from Russian fairytales to familiar bedtime stories crawling across the American landscape.

Produced by Kevin Salem (Rachael Yamagata, Yo La Tengo), Plastic Wings shows off Wool Sucker’s music school chops without diluting their garage rock sensibility. With Alex Minier on bass & unexpectedly sweet, sullen lead vocals, Jeff McLaughlin on guitar, Cody Rahn on drums, and Andrew Miramonti on keyboards, the band builds layers of complex, unpredictable sound around tight arrangements of familiar forms.

ALBUM RELEASE: January 19, 2018 – 8PM - Pianos NYC

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