Crammed with melodies and lush harmonies is Melanie Edwards

Melanie Edwards Bio:

“Crammed with melodies and lush harmonies like fans Damien Rice, Tori Amos, will delight for, and echoing the brilliance of Alanis Morrisette and Adele, too.”

is an award-winning singer, songwriter, pianist, violinist and essayist with over 22 years experience, performing both nationally and internationally. She is best known for her hit single “Daniel’s Lane,” winner of several accolades including Ourstage’s “New Music Revolution Achievement Award,” thrice, and “Best Single” in her genre by “Mashable,” which catapulted her into The Deli’s “Top 100 Best Songwriters of NYC.” Melanie’s popular single “Who’s Gonna Color in the Middle?” received “Best of World Music” three consecutive months. Her single “Sugar” won “Top Achievement Award in Best Singer-Songwriter,” and she was awarded “Best in Jazz” for her ballad “No More Drinking.” Melanie ranked “Top 100 Best of Pop” on Ourstage in 2015, as well as “Best Singer Songwriter” for her single “The Circle” in the Online Music Awards. Likewise, she won the Damien Rice Lyric Contest for her rendition of Rice’s “9 Crimes” (her version “9 Crimes Response”) as “Best Cover” for Artists Den. Melanie has also been nominated as “Best Singer/Songwriter + Best Original Songwriting” for The Independent Artist Network for the Music Arts. Melanie received her undergraduate degree from University of North Carolina and went on to get a masters degree from the prestigious Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD). She spent 10 years performing in New York’s indie scene, from the popular Living Room and Rockwood Lounge to Brooklyn’s Galapagos Theater. She has been in Washington DC for over a year and has played at several places including Gypsy Sally’s, The Henley Park Hotel, Beacon Bar and Grill and the Peruvian Ambassador Castilla’s residence for President Barack Obama’s “100,000 Strong in the America’s Initiative.” Melanie was recently named DCs #1 singer/songwriter by The Deli Magazine. In addition, Melanie was chosen as a panelist for the prestigious DC Mayor’s Arts Awards and is a huge advocate for local artists. Her music is described as melancholic like artists Damien Rice, Tori Amos, Alanis Morrisette and Adele. Her words are poetic, but rich with darkness. Her latest single “What Happened” gradually builds and blends sweet, delicate music with sorrowful lyrics to resonate with the heartbroken of the world"

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