Sink deep with Candy Ambulance's new single "Cooks In the Kitchen"

SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY | February 2, 2018 – If you've been craving another fix from NY grunge-rockers, Candy Ambulance, you're in luck - their new single "Cooks In the Kitchen" is out today! The track premiered on Kill the Music earlier this week, providing a taste of the band's more mellow side. Written as "a love song to alcohol," you can expect a woozy ride to the dark side, with some unexpected twists and turns along the way. Opening with the sound of water trickling in the background, a very open, raw, and live atmosphere is built for the track. The band described the song as "written in a lonely, empty space and recorded in the same,” as lead vocalist Caitlin Barker provides a powerful solo vocal intro, with a simple guitar melody in support, before the full band kicks in. Candy Ambulance had the pleasure of recording in the comfort of their own home, which comes across as an honest and fresh sound throughout all of their tracks on their upcoming EP Spray. “We’ve built a respectable in-home studio over the years we’ve been a band so it was a blast recording Spray at our place," they described. "It was liberating to jump around or scream to pull up some energy. Caitlin did vocal takes lying on the floor and kicking her legs. We think it translated that we were pumped.”

"Cooks In the Kitchen" and previous singles are available for stream and purchase now on Bandcamp, iTunes, Spotify and all major digital retailers.

UPCOMING TOUR DATES: Saturday, February 10 – River Street Pub – Troy, NY Tuesday, February 20 – Mohawk Place – Buffalo, NY Wednesday, February 21 – Duck House – Cleveland, OH Thursday, February 22 – Shakespeare’s Lower Level – Kalamazoo, MI Friday, February 23 – Bric-A-Brac Records (day show) – Chicago, IL Friday, February 23 – Cole’s – Chicago, IL Saturday, February 24 – Milf Crate – Aurora, IL Sunday, February 25 – DZ Records – Hickory Hills, IL (live session filming, day) Sunday, February 25 – Bremen Cafe – Milwaukee, WI Tuesday, February 27 – WZRD 88.3 FM – Chicago, IL (live session) Thursday, March 1 – Bottle and Barrel – Alton, IL Friday, March 2 – Replay Lounge – Lawrence, KS Saturday, March 3 – Front of House Lounge – Springfield, MO Monday, March 5 – Hi Tone Cafe – Memphis, TN Wednesday, March 7 – Flicker Bar – Athens, GA Thursday, March 8 – The Cave – Chapel Hill, NC Friday, March 9 – Arcana – Durham, NC Saturday, March 10 – Pourhouse – Raleigh, NC Sunday, March 11 – Galaxy Hut – Washington, DC Monday, March 19 – One Caroline – Saratoga Springs, NY Friday, March 30 – River Street Pub – Troy, NY

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