“In a world constantly putting you down, Ain’t Nothin’ On Me is song to build you up

“In a world constantly putting you down, Ain’t Nothin’ On Me is song to build you up. It’s a song about self confidence and self-belief in your own worth, skills and ambitions. The line 'They could never do it like you' is something Prince told me as words of encouragement to me when I thought I wasn’t good enough to be in the game with some of today’s current top artists. The song is raw, much inspired by a ‘go for it, don’t let others bring you down’ mentality.” - Harts Departing Australia to pursue career opportunities in the U.S for the majority of 2017, Harts reached a wider audience via American television when his song Power featured in the DC Comics NBC sitcom Powerless, and also landed a video premiere for the single Peculiar on Conan O’Brien’s digital channel Team Coco. Harts toured the U.S including shows in San Francisco, New York, and LA. He also performed at Chicago’s Wicker Park Festival and LouFest Music Festival in St Louis. In 2018, American rapper Joey Bada$$ recruited Harts to play guitar in his live band for Triple J’s renowned live music segment Like A Version. The broadcast was well received, and currently has many Harts fans eagerly anticipating what’s on the horizon for the new year.

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