Flawed is the latest rap/rock banger by Sarah Maxwell

February 21, 2018


Flawed is the latest rap/rock banger by Sarah Maxwell a rap artist and singer hailing originally from the quiet streets of Canberra but now residing in Sydney. With a powerful sound that combines ingredients from the kitchens of both Hip Hop and Electronic Rock, this single screams pure honesty about the struggles of being a human with all of our countless imperfections. 

“Flawed is for anyone who's ever wanted to eat nuggets and drink wine rather than go to the gym.” - Sarah Maxwell 

Flawed is about acknowledging that we all have our faults and moving forward regardless. With a chorus that belts “We fall! We know!” and lines like “Know what we're supposed to do, don't mean we're going to”, it's not just a heavy hitting rap track, it’s also a motivational singalong that gives a subtle middle finger to the endless perfection presented by the media. 

Flawed was produced by Forces & Fury two female musicians (Astrid Holz & Kat Ayala) who, when they're not touring the country with Sydney all-girl band Rackett, run a recording studio in Marrickvillle. With three chicks behind the creation of this tune, Flawed is an ultra-rare all-female affair. 

‘Flawed’ by SARAH MAXWELL is out now on 24 Hours Unplugged www.krxmradio.com




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