Yarley G releases R&B / soul-pop single "Forget You" ft. IMAN

Brooklyn hip-hop, EDM, R&B, and soul fusion artist Yarley G is back - and better than ever, with his upcoming compilation album Vivid Echoes. The lead single "Forget You" drops today, as an emotive R&B / soul-pop track, featuring vocals by IMAN. Substream Magazine, who premiered the track, described it as a "somber, yet vibrant experience in moving beyond heartache" and a "hypnotic blend of serenity."

"'Forget You' originally started without anything but a piano sample which I recorded from a video with my iPhone from a friend's house," described Yarley G. "She had the grand looking all sexy in her living room, so you know a music head like me can't help it but get pulled into it. I posted the video on Instagram and got some pretty good feedback on it. Based on the feedback, I made the track longer and arranged it to a full song. The sounds I went for was very space-y thinking about the stars and just going away in my spaceship to escape. I wanted the bass to be different, so I found a very weird sound and took the high ends off to not make it irritating, and boosted the lows a bit and it gave me the hook I needed for the track."

Mutual fans of each others work, Yarley and IMAN had the opportunity to work together last year, when she was visiting NYC. "[Yarley G] sent me a few tracks to write to and one of them ended up being 'Forget You,'" shared IMAN. "It was so cool to finally meet him and show him what I'd written. Recording with him was a vibe and I look forward to working on more with him." Yarley G reflected on his side of the experience, "Working with IMAN was really organic and professional; she's an artist that's precise on what she wants."

"Forget You" comes as the lead single off Yarley G's upcoming compilation albumVivid Echoes. Featuring a range of sounds from hip-hop, EDM, electronic, to R&B and soul influences, the album includes a number of guest artists including Skyzoo, D’Wayne Reade, Angel Demone, LJ Musique, Adrianna, Zig Short, Cool Co. and Al-Karim. The track "Two Divine Mimosas," featuring Zig Short, was released earlier this year as an upbeat and energizing EDM/house single, with "a touch of smooth jazz". Wildly different from "Forget You," the two tracks display the wide range that Yarley G's talents stretch, while paired in an unbeatable album compilation. Vivid Echoes is scheduled for release on March 23, 2018.

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