Big Stove made a promise to keep his legacy going.

Michael “Big Stove” Stover started his music journey after a tragic situation. His cousin named. Rayshon Ford, was killed in a car accident in June 2006. His cousin was the music artist of the family, so when he passed, Big Stove made a promise to keep his legacy going. He then began to rap with a group called “TherlBread” whom performed on many festivals and even toured in Canada. In 2008 Michael decided to pursue a degree at Kent State University, where he also decided to go solo. During his time as a student, Big Stove hosted everything that he can get his hands on. From Comedy shows to being Kent States Division 1 Basketball and Football emcee, he has definitely made his presence known. Also as a student, Big Stove received radio play on Sirius XM with his solo song titled “School boy Fresh”. In 2010, he penned a contract for promotion from Island Def Jam, to distribute his hit single. During 2010, Michael also developed his skill as a DJ, he became the mobile DJ Director and Operations Director for the university radio network called “Black Squirrel Radio”. During the time as a director and on-air talent, Stove interviewed celebrities like Dawn Richard of Danity Kane and Sony Records “Ray Cash”. After improving his DJ ability, he began to host mixtapes for local artists and assist artists as their DJ when they came to Cleveland OH. Big Stove is a member of the Nerve DJs Family, as well as Coast to coast Mix Tape DJs. He has recently helped artist who have opened for Kendrick Lamar, Yin Yang Twins, and more. With all the work he does as a DJ, he has also grown as a rapper. In early 2017, Big Stove performed at SXSW in March and has grown to 114 on the DRT National Independent Artist Top 150 list in March. His EP will be dropping this year and his next single “Did You Know” is dropping in October. The workload never stop for Michael though. He is also a Writer/Director for a full feature film called “Classified: No Regrets Just Lessons Learned” that will be released August 2019. He also runs a shoe company called “Xpres Kicks” that produces custom style shoes that are 100% Italian Leather and manufactured in Italy. Michael is also the Marketing Director for a non-profit organization called “Tyler Scott Lancaster Foundation”, which is a Diabetes awareness organization in Canton, OH. Stove is the true definition of Work Hard Play Hard, and does all of this while providing for his family and working a 9 to 5 selling AT&T Business services. He is always looking for ways to build on his Music and Entertainment career, just watch him become the next Entertainment Mogul. "Hip Hop is Me, My Style and My Direction" - Michael "Big Stove" Stover

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