Grunge-punk band Candy Ambulance let loose with "Spray" music video on 24 Hours Unplugged

Grunge-punk trio Candy Ambulance dropped an intense music video for their song "Spray" today on 24 Hours Unplugged ! The band brings their raw, energetic, and hook-ladden track to life, with a equally wild and unabashed visual cut. Fast-paced and delightfully quirky, "Spray" explores the fixation of mania and anxiety, in a frenzied and wild ride. The song comes as the title track off the band's EP Spray, released earlier this year.

Vocalist Caitlin Barker shared, "Choosing “Spray” for the first video off our latest EP was a no-brainer. I was very agitated when I wrote the song. I started to see the narrative play out in my mind every time we rehearsed it; a sweaty drink glass, rubber dish gloves, smoking at the record player. It felt like a song I could see." Never one to be shy, the band said their aim is to "make the viewer itch a little" - with a montage of scenarios throughout. Dying Scene premiered the video, describing it as a, "sexy, sweaty, smokey, stress-y, rubber dish-glove wearing, vinyl spinning ode to great 90’s grunge-punk" - so dive in!

Candy Ambulance worked with Chromoscope Pictures, who has also shot their music video for “People Are Deceitful”. Barker said, "They are absolutely wonderful to work with. We’d put them on the spot like, “hey can we quickly shoot a soap opera scene where Jesse walks in on Jon in bed with his twin brother?” and they’re just like “absolutely we can.”"

With a delicious blend of gritty grunge and punk-rock hooks, Candy Ambulance continue to hone their sound into an irresistible mix, and building their name with intense, antic-filled live shows. They opened for PVRIS in May, and have performed alongside acts such as Screaming Females, Speedy Ortiz, Daddy Issues, and Dorothy. Their latest EP Spray, is available on Bandcamp, Spotify, iTunes and all major digital retailers. Candy Ambulance continue to tour with upcoming eastern and midwest U.S. shows, and are in the process of writing and recording new material this winter.

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