Chinese Canadian pop singer-songwriter Vicki Lovelee drops new video

Vicki Lovelee is a Chinese Canadian pop singer-songwriter from Ontario, Canada. Vicki cleverly combines storytelling lyrics with artistic visuals, in a moody yet theatrical fashion. She is influenced by pop artists like Lady Gaga, Allie X, and MARINA.

Each of her songs showcases a different emotion and story, reflecting the multiple facets of Vicki Lovelee. Her strong, bright vocals and vulnerable lyrics, contrast yet complement her triumphant melodies to reflect her struggles that transform into self-growth. She writes about life’s ups and downs, such as heartbreak, mental health, and falling in love. Her introspective lyrics will leave listeners eager to know how the story ends.

Vicki has gained over 5200+ streams on music platforms and 2900+ views on Youtube. She has been featured on various online publications like Markham Review, Indie Music Women and Tinnitist. Her most recent single “Breaking Barriers”, is now available on all music streaming services. She is continuing to work on new music, scheduled to be released on October 2020!

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