Heritage. Strength. Confidence. Unapologetic. Amritha Shakti.

Heritage. Strength. Confidence. Unapologetic. These words flow through my mind as I watch Amritha Shakti’s video for her song “Deserve Me”. This song embraces confidence and self love, empowering every woman who has ever felt less than. Amritha showcases her classically trained voice by flawlessly transitioning between her breathless falsetto and her rich, warm lower register.

The video showcases the beauty in embracing your heritage. Amritha allows viewers a glimpse into her Indian culture. She shines a light on the beauty and strength found in the women of India. It is abundantly clear how proud she is of her heritage. The vivid images of traditional Indian clothing and jewelry bring us a little closer to finding out who Amritha is and what she cherishes most. The visual imagery that this video provides compliments the song immensely.

In a world where the pressure to have the “perfect body” or “perfect skin tone” is ever rising, this song helps elevate our thinking and realize that we are perfect just the way we were created. Amritha teaches us to be comfortable in our skin and love ourselves exactly the way we are. Anyone who thinks otherwise, doesn’t “Deserve Me”.

You can catch Amritha’s video for “Deserve Me’ on 24hrs Unplugged Make sure you check her out! She is going to be a STAR!!!

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