Mr. Flamboyant, Kilo Ali, and DJ Taz make up the trifecta of talent behind their new single “Flam Boy Ant" - an intense infusion of hip-hop and rap.

Accomplished artists Phalando “Mr. Flamboyant” Lawson along with his co-writer Andrell “Kilo Ali”Rogers, and producer Tino “DJ Taz” McIntosh make up the “Three legends from the South.” Now, this trio has merged their musical mojo to create their latest single “FLAM BOY ANT.” Together, they blend a flavorful concoction of hip-hop, rap, and world music into an energetic club groove where the old-school style creatively collides with the new-school sound. The single “FLAM BOY ANT” is the result of a Phalando, Kilo and Taz’srecipe for a savory southern-styled song. “FLAM BOY ANT” is a delicious dish of real southern rap – one that only legends could cook up.

Phalando “Mr. Flamboyant” Lawson is no stranger to the music business, in fact, it’s in his genes. His uncle William Guest was one of the “Pips”of Gladys Knight and the Pips. Phalando’s skillset also includes acting and co-hosting Mbodyment Radio on WIGO 1570 AM (2017’s Stellar Award winner.) Andrell “Kilo Ali”Rogers is a bass music legend and helped co-write the song “FLAM BOY ANT.” Kilo’s previous successes as a songwriter include “Nasty Dancer” and “Show Me Love.” Tino “DJ Taz” McIntosh lent his skill as a producer on the “FLAM BOY ANT” track. “Taz’s previous hit singles are “That’s Right,” “Pika Pika,” and “Ride Out Music,” and they showcase his talent as a southern hip-hop master.

“FLAM BOY ANT” is a culmination of catchy beats blended with a club groove. Mr. Flamboyant explains the stylistic inspiration behind the song, “For me, LL Cool J was my favorite artist and Tupac was an idol.” A music video has been released for “FLAM BOY ANT,” and is now available on Youtube. On August 5, 2017; these three musical maestros had the incredible opportunity to appear on The Mike Bend Show seen on TBS and Comedy Central. On August 11th, they performed at Charlotte, North Carolina’s newest hotspot, the 360 Lounge. Kilo Ali, DJ Taz, and Phalando will be doing an interview on Fox 54 in Columbus, Georgia on Sunday, August 20th. The big date coming up will be on the 19th of August when the official premiere of the video “FLAM BOY ANT.” If you want to get a look and listen to three legends, they will perform at the Wolf Creek Amphitheater in Atlanta with Big Boi of Outkast, Goodie Mob, and the Dungeon Family.

Mr. Flamboyant, Kilo, and DJ Taz are not only legends, yet top-shelf chefs of the southern hip-hop sound. Taken together, they have all the skill sets and ingredients needed to spice up the stylistic sounds found within “FLAM BOY ANT.” Once you get a taste of their recipe, you’ll be begging for more, and that’s just what they have planned. They’ll have more material soon for their fans and big plans. Just don’t ask them for their famous recipe, it’s secret, special, and rare.

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