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Jermaine William McPhatter better known by his rap stage name Big Jae, is a hardworking, motivative, ambitious, confident songwriter and entrepreneur. Big Jae loves art museums, comedy shows, playing sport related video games, and spending time with his daughter and family when not doing music. Born in Baltimore, Maryland but raised in Newport News, Va. which is a low- poverty community, Big Jae found away to maneuver his talents out of the fast life onto the music scene. Big Jae has a diverse street authentic versatile style like none other. Many of Big Jae influences are Nas, Jay-Z, Scarface and Jadakiss, these artist are very inspiring because of there business mindset, creativity, hustler ambition, and not settling to generate wealth and real messages through their music. CEO P is a media Journalist, music executive, content creator, executive producer, digital marketing director and songwriter/Hip Hop artist. He is widely known for creating platforms (Showcases) and opportunities for independent creators(Radio, Blogs, Etc) . Born and raised in Somerset, New Jersey, Ceo P first began writing music in high school as a personal challenge inspired by the 90s kid Hip Hop Duo Kris Kross. He continued to write music, rapping over industry instrumentals and began to take it seriously in college after meeting future business partner Double XL. CEO P's sound is very business oriented deep rooted in life experiences over soulful production. CEO P's influences include Jay-z, Nipsey Hussle, Rick Ross, TI and E40. Ceo P is mostly inspired by Hip Hop artists that are talented word smiths and successful in business.

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